Original Pure Saffron Sandalwood paste
Original Pure Saffron Sandalwood paste  - 100 gms

Original Pure Saffron Sandalwood paste

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Sandalwood paste is one of the most significant offerings to Deity which makes Chandan tika the most loved fragrance. 

Ashtagandha  Powder The term "Holy Ash" (also known as "Rituals & Ceremonies") has numerous connotations in Hinduism. Typically, it refers to the sacred ash utilised in gamic ceremonies, which is formed of burned dried wood

Fragrance of sandalwood,Kesar, Ashtaganda , Tulsi and Rose relaxes our mind, calms our nervous system and awakens our senses.

 Sandal paste has its own medicinal properties and is usually applied as a dot on the forehead to activate our Ajna Chakra.

 It is even applied across the forehead to reap maximum benefits. By applying tilak on the forehead regularly People feel peace and relaxation. 

 Pure Chandan Tika  and Herb Paste on your forehead and feel the cooling sensation along with the pleasant fragrance associated with it. The calming fragrance and the cooling effect of Chandan stays in your skin and keeps you feeling fresh and divine day long.

Mesmerizing Fragrances Chandan (Sandalwood), Ashtaganda , Tulsi, Kesar and Rose  

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