Vaastu Elephant Set of 2 (8X10 CM )

₹ 785

₹ 1,078


Elephants are majestic animals. They are protective, excellent leaders and are compassionate. Elephants are a symbol of strength and protection. Getting elephant statues for home is auspicious. It will bring good energy and luck to your life

Placing an elephant statue or painting in the bedroom is also a Vastu Shastra solution for infertility. In addition, it will bring positivity to couples wanting to be parents. 

Elephants are known for their impeccable memory and skills. So, placing either a statue or painting of elephants in your children’s bedroom or study room will bring luck in academics and happiness in their lives.

Elephant statue Vastu if used correctly can be a symbol of success and professional growth. Elephants represent leadership, wisdom and vigour. Positioning a statue of an elephant at the entrance of your office facing indoors will bring a lot of power and success. Keeping the elephant figurines at the front doors of your office will protect you from negative energy. Elephant Vastu direction in the office is most beneficial when placed facing north. Keeping a small elephant figurine on your work desk will bring mental strength and skills to you. You can also keep an elephant statue on your shelf that is facing the entrance of your office. Do not place the elephant statue across from a window or a door


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