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Sri Chakra Yantra

Sri Chakra Yantra of Sri Guruji Ashramam  with mahalaxmi mantra chanted 

Sri Yantra is a tool for fulfilling all the desires. 

 It just clears our mind and motivates us to focus our goal.

The process is very simple following which you can perform easy rituals at home only and can establish Shri Yantra.

  • Sri Yantra is highly beneficial for businessmen.
  • It attracts ample potential opportunities and clients which increases the revenue. It takes business to new heights.
  • It gives career a hike, stability, promotions, and success; moreover, it gives success & recognition in the chosen field.
  • It also gives beauty, cosmetics, ornaments, gold, perfumes, and things of beauty and comforts.
  • It manifests your wishes, produces chances of auspicious events in the house, and strengthen relationships.
  • It blesses you with love, health, comforts, and progeny; it not only makes you financially strong, stable, and affluent but also ensures a happy family life.
  • It emits ample positive energies that spread across the house and are felt by both residents and visitors.
  • Acquire an original  Shri Yantra from a trusted source only.
  • Establish the Yantra in your home, shop or office; you can also keep it in your cash box or safe.
  • Basically, what it does is, cleanse the atmosphere and ambience and make it positive, thus, clearing the path for Lakshmi.


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