Original Mercy shivlingam Siddha Mantra Parad Shivling --24gm - 1 Inch heigh

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Mercury Shivling For Puja (25-30 Gms. Approx) (1 Pc) – This Shivlinga is made of mercury. It is used for sadhna and if one concentrate on it and use it for worship most of his desires are fulfilled. It is recommended by our sages to adore and worship Parad Shivling. It is best recommended for Peace, prosperity and happiness. Benefits of Parad Shivling is given below : 1. Prosperity at home or office,No shortage of food, money or clothe. 2. If kept in the bedroom, it brings harmony among the couple. 3. If kept during a religious gathering, it brings knowledge by evoking Goddess Saraswati.

  • Weight: 100-120 Gms | Material: Mercury (Parad) 90%
  • For solidifying mercury, We use 90% of Mercury with Herbal extracts.
  • Traditional 8 sanskar vidhi performed Parad Shivling.
  • Symbol of Originality: Slippery-ness in hand-feel due to presence of Mercury (Parad).

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