Natural Clear Quartz Crystal Cluster Rock 786 gms

₹ 2,999

₹ 9,090


Natural Clear Quartz Crystal Cluster Rock Geode for Positive Energy, Vastu, Rare AAA Quality


  • It works with all levels of energy and body and resonates with all chakras.
  • Clear Quartz, including other stones, amplifies the resonating energy and continuously transmits that energy to the Earth’s electromagnetic field. It makes Clear Quartz the perfect stone to use for healing, manifestation, and prayer work.
  • Clear Quartz helps you establish a strong and clear connection with a good guide. Crystal Raw Rock resonates at the level of individual needs, amplifies programmed energy or intent, and continues to pass on that energy throughout the world.
  • It accelerates prayer fulfillment and enhances healing and spiritual growth, or allows the crystal to maintain a strong and powerful energy pattern that simply manifests the goal.
  • According to Vastu & Feng Shui placing this clear quartz crystal cluster at the south-west enhances the Earth element and removes the defect of the south-west corner. In the office, place it near your desk at the south-west corner and you will find more positive energy at work
  • Excellent for students for positive energy while making their studies. Place it near your study desk It’s like a positive energy charger – just place it near your bed and you will find a good vibrations

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