Himalaya Herbs Pain Balm

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Himalaya Herbs Pain Balm - For Joint, Muscle And Body Ache | For Migraine And Cervical (Neck) Pain | Strong Pain Balm


Himalaya Herbs Pain Balm  -  

Himalaya Herbs pain balm plus is a 100% active ayurvedic preparation used to get instant and fast relief in the case of knee, wrist, ankle, and shoulder pain. It is a long-lasting medication and has strong action against severe migraine. It causes suppression of mild pain in the case of arthritis, joint, muscle and other body pains, sprains or cramps. Because of less physical workout and stressful work life, there is growth of chronic disease such as frozen shoulder, muscle stiffness, headache, back injuries, and different sorts of migraine. So, Himalaya Herbs pain relief balm helps in getting relief from arthritic pain and reduces the inflammation associated with joints, muscle and body pain. This herbal product enriched with menthol, wintergreen oil, thymol crystal, clove oil, camphor, and turpentine oil which leads to fast absorption and quick relief.



LONG LASTING RELIEF: Our unique pain-relieving formula with 100% natural actives provides long-lasting relief from headaches, cold, and body pain. Himalaya Herbs Pain Balm Plus is non-greasy, stain-free, and has no side effects

QUICK RELIEF:  Whether before, during, or after physical activity or workout, apply Himalaya Herbs pain balm whenever you experience pain, muscle soreness, or aching joints. It gets absorbed into your skin and provides instant relief from any type of headache & body pain.

FAST ABSORPTION FORMULA: camphor is highly volatile and increases the absorption of the medication through the skin.=
SEVERE HEADACHE OR MIGRAINE: Eucalyptus oil and wintergreen oil are the key ingredients which play an important role in the treatment of severe headache and migraine.

JOINT, MUSCLE AND BODY PAIN: Himalaya Herbs pain balm plus lowers down inflammation and provides heat to improve blood flow. With time, we get relief from severe to mild joint, muscle and body pain.

BACKACHE AND BACK INJURIES: it is fruitful in the case of backache and an extensive range of back injuries ranging from strong muscle sprain to herniated disc.

Gently apply and massage on the affected area and leave it to get absorbed into the skin. Use 3 to 4 times in a day for quick results.
Don't apply on wounds, cuts and damaged skin | 
Keep away from the reach of the children.



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