Balaji Shankh Chakra Namah Gold Plating - 3inch

₹ 185

₹ 350


Shankh(Conch) and Chakra(Divine Wheel of Power) are symbolic of Lord Vishnu/ Padmanabha Swamy's Power & Divinity. This figurine is believed to bring calm and peace where they are placed. They repel negative energy and attract positive vibes.

Shankh Chakra Namah  use to bring luck shankh to be kept in Puja altar, lockers, money safe or cash box for abundance, protection and harmony.

Tirupati Balaji Symbol Stand Shankh Chakra Namah Gold Plating Antique Decorative for Car Dashboard Home & Office Table Showpiece Figurines,Religious Gift Idol


Breadth 7.5cm Height 3.5cm

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